Monday, July 21, 2008

Personal History (Pt 6)

I have spent the past two decades slowly converting blubber into muscle, with my weight ranging between 215 & 235, depending on exercise levels and food intake levels. I have always had better luck trying to balance the calorie equation (fat = calories in – calories out … or … fat=food-exercise) by increasing the calories out, rather than restricting the calories in.

I’m now a bit more aware of my eating since my son hit 10 years old and started eating me out of house and home. When I was that age, my dad tried to keep up with my eating habits, and I put about 60 pounds on the old man before he conceded that I could out eat him. I’m trying to learn from his mistake and have given up the title of ‘garbage disposal’ for the sake of my health, sanity and wardrobe.


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