Sunday, July 20, 2008

100 pushups… yeah, right.

I found the website, and looked at it. Sounded too good to be true, but since I can’t get to 20 without a break, if I could double it, that would be great! I went from too skinny to a reasonable weight after school, but never built any arm strength (too much bicycling, and poor body image, plus general geekieness, if that’s a word). This will be a real challenge. I expect I will do weeks 3-6 a few times before ‘passing’. I intend to repeat days over and over until I can complete the specified minimum reps. The whole family is doing it, some on their knees.

If it works as well as I hope, the next task will be to use the same pattern for double crunches (crunches and reverse crunches at the same time, kind of like an upside down jack-knife), then on to chin-ups (but probably at half the reps – I think 50 will be plenty), then squats and then … Who knows where this might end…


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