Sunday, March 22, 2009

vacation and zen

just got back from a silly vacation - silly in the lack of planning. airfare was way too much, so we (as much on a whim as on solid thoughtfulness) drove 2200 miles each way (3 days each way) to spend 4 days with my dad.

we listened to audio books to help pass the time. in the past, audio books were a last resort from boredom, as it would intrude into my thoughts, competing for my attention, and make the trip even longer, as well as more stressful. this time, despite not being very interested in the great Harry Potter, I was able to stay focused, in the 'now', listening and allowing my full attention to stay with the audio book. the results (very good) were not at all what was expected. might have to do with the difference in material (usually, I pick biographies of people I find interesting - a two volume set on Teddy Roosevelt most recently) or circumstance (driving thru west Texas or most anywhere after sunset, vs on airplanes, ferries or while relaxing) or company (over the car's audio system vs headphones) or training...


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