Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 10 of zen retreat - assignment

Islands of Ease

Review: skills to practice and improve as we spend more times on the Island & less in the swamp:
- one breath Mindfulness (within an "in" and an "out")
- rushing is the opposite of Present / Now / Mindful - cure: Mindful Breath (above) & thumb/finger circle
- keep coming back to Now: thumb/finger circle as trigger/anchor and try different things: eating, cleaning, ...
- daily Meditation
. . be gentle, it won't all be smooth
. . make time for it to become a routine part of the day
. . "stepping stones" to prep: make tea, light candle, sit, drink tea, meditate
. . guided meditations (Dr Glenn & Mary has some on the way)

reflect and comment on the most important thing from the retreat...


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