Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Now and Zen

talked w/ Sensei about the Soto Zen temple he helps run (novice, or whatever they are called in Buddhism) - I'll be showing up for the meditation (half an hour - YIKES!) and perhaps staying for some of the other things as well. will have to see.

meditation - it's there. still lots of interruptions... have to keep working on it.

haven't been doing well with being in the moment, present in now or any of that stuff. it's already starting to drift... not good. need to print those days and practice. perhaps a week of just "in the moment", then a week of ...

communication - still kind of avoiding working on it with the wife, as the first session will be a pain in all kinds of places. have to start sometime, though - probably tomorrow (my favorite day of the week!)


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