Thursday, February 26, 2009

day 7 of zen retreat - discussion

Am I in touch with myself? (probably not - every time I phone myself, all I get is a busy signal!)

all joking aside, the body scan went fairly well, but most of my core (torso) would not come into sharp focus (I was visualizing body parts as if they were pictures from an anatomy book), so that's the answer to "notice areas you can't sense well" - and yes, the mood/state is STRESS. the project I'm working on is going poorly, due to lack of specific resources (I have the responsibility to do the project, but not the authority to force the proper people to be made available - not what I was promised at the onset) and the company (a tiny sub-division of a large company) has been on the brink of dissolution for the past 6 months. not sure how any stress in the outside world "relates" to stuff going on with the inside world...

fell asleep before doing the self-healing exercise, so that's on today's list of to-do's.

also didn't get around to meditating (bad boy, no cookie). or perhaps I got 10 seconds into a meditation that went badly due to my snoring...

the body meditation was part of the 1st segment of today's observational exercise.


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