Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 4 - Day 1

Today’s total was (20/17/28) on a spec of (20/17/27+).

Just barely got thru the end of it. Worked really hard to get to 20 in the first set, but the second set went easier. The third set stalled briefly at 22 again, but a brief mental reset at the top was enough to get me on to 27. Then, I insisted I do one more, and almost didn't make it. I was surprised, as I thought I'd stall out on the way up, but made it up (and safely back down).

I didn't end up as tired or fatigued as I thought. Having completed the push-ups as soon as we got to Dojo, I was pleased as to how little impact it had on either class (we do a sword class and Tai-Jutsu class on Saturday). No real problems, just a little stiff. Still, I don't really look forward to the push-ups, but I am at least a little excited about the prospect of getting to 100.

The kids and wife are keeping busy with the program. The kids only one "day" behind me. They will probably do the program again, once they finished it and have had a chance to perfect their 'form' - they wobble like a scarf in the breeze when doing their porpises, I mean push-ups. My wife has her own schedule, and works out at a gym (she likes the treadmill - don't ask me why, it makes no sense at all), so she keeps her own notes. She says she's doing well, and she isn't necessarily tied to the idea of 100, she's just looking for a bit of a challenge and some increased bulk and strength.


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