Monday, August 11, 2008

Week 3 - Day 1

Today’s total was (17/15/26) on a spec of (17/15/25+).

Getting started a day early, due to the heavy load (of pushups) this week – get an extra day of rest & recovery before doing Thursday’s sets. Not sure how well things will go with next time – could be a really long week as I’ve only gone beyond 17 twice now, and once just barely… And that 26 was closer to 25.875 – didn’t quite get all the way to elbows straight, and didn’t lower myself as much as land softly… But the psychological boost of going over minimum is not to be diminished. Now I just need to aim for +2 or +3 – yeah, right. Not the way the reps are increasing.

Got busy last night (worked late, hurried home, worked on the computer (overheating nVidia 9800 GXT), watched some Olympics, …) and forgot dinner, so I got up at 1:30am and dug out an old jug of protein milkshake mix and had a glass. It held me over till morning, so it did it’s job – just not sure if the ‘protein’ aspect of it is worth squat. We’ll see – I’ll try to use it a couple times a week to make sure my body has all the ingredients it needs, and to see if it helps…


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