Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walking - Week 2

totals for the the second week of walking: 34.9 k steps... that's the good news. the better news, almost 10k of those were at the Susan G Komen breast cancer walk on Sunday. the bad news, my feet are still sore (knees and everything else were sore for a day, but the feet are still a bit swollen and the soles are still a bit tender) - some of that may have to do with having my 7 year old 'riding' for the first half mile and last quarter mile... unfortunately, there is no 'extra credit' steps awarded for carrying her... also note that the difference between last week and this week is almost exactly the number of steps in the cancer walk...

the down side, I'm still the bottom walker of our team. on the good side, we added about 1/3 to our total. on the down side, the other team at our site almost doubled it's total, so we're still way behind.

we'll have to see how the rest of the teams did - details forthcoming... um, we got toasted. even the 4 person team beat us. but this is about health, and if the others can walk that far in health, good for them. it is doubtful that any of the 100k steppers weigh 235 pounds, so their totals would probably drop if they had to carry that much weight (that's not counting an extra 50 some pounds of little girl for about 3/4 of a mile in the cancer walk).

total: 34.9 k steps


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