Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 4.0 - Update

Saw the doctor today.  Good news and better news.  Blood pressure is way down (was 135/90, now 118/80), and agreement was reached to switch to a different med.  Doctor believes the symptoms, if caused by the prior drug, should be gone by the weekend.  Hope to start week 4.1 this weekend (at the Saturday Dojo class, of course).

I might skip the Monday push-ups, pushing them back to Tues or Wed, as I will have oral surgery (on Monday) to remove an old baby tooth and clean up some infection in the area of the root. I can't wait!

In my absence last week, everyone at home bagged on the push-ups. We'll all be going thru Week 4 again. Nice to have everyone back on the same page.


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