Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 4 - Day 3

Today’s total was (22/20/30) on a spec of (22/20/29+).

Once again, I had problems getting thru and had to pause in the final set. I also got distracted and waited nearly a half hour between the second and third sets, and fatigue had begun to set into the shoulders and pecs. Not good.

It's been a while, as I was supposed to be on travel, but that fell thru and I ended up working all weekend on a different program instead. Lovely. Almost 40 hours over a holiday weekend. Such fun. But at least I managed to get my push-ups in - that's gotta count for something!

I hope to get back into a more regular pattern here soon.

Next time - the Stress Test - to see how many I can do as a seed for Week 5...

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